Annual Beach Trip to Ocean City














Ocean City Beach Trip

Through the continued generosity and support of our donors and the community Stephen’s Place was able to take our annual summer beach trip!

     This weekend long recreational activity is one that is highly anticipated by the residents of Stephen’s Place. Friday July 14th we departed for Ocean City, New Jersey. Upon arrival the men got settled into their hotel room and sought out a nearby Narcotics Anonymous (NA) recovery meeting. One of the reasons we select Ocean City, NJ for this excursion is because this is a dry town, meaning they do not sell any alcohol. The men are still expected to be accountable to the requirements of the program here at Stephen’s Place and with that they are required to make their NA /AA meetings.

     The gentleman enjoyed spending time in the hotel Jacuzzi and pool the first evening. The next day was spent on the beach where the men were able to enjoy the beautiful sun, water, and waves! Some of them shared that this was their first experience going to the beach without the presence of drugs or alcohol.

     The purpose of these recreational bonding activities is for the men to feel what good things life has to offer without getting drunk or high. Part of building a sustainable life beyond addiction to drugs and alcohol means finding enjoyment and happiness in your life to create balance. Not only do these activities give the residents something to look forward to and a chance to really bond with one another, it shows them how to enjoy life. This can be especially important when coming from the dark place addiction can take you, it can generate hopefulness for the future!

 It is our hope that we will be able to take this exciting trip again next year!


Thank you all for your care and concern and support in our daily effort to change and save lives by breaking the cycle of addiction in our community!