Our Program

Stephen’s Place provides a structured environment which emphasizes a commitment to the recovery process and responsible living.  The video gives you an inside look at Stephen’s Place.


  • Provide a supportive, transitional, family model that will include counseling, Twelve-Step program, relapse prevention, and basic life skills training.
  • Coordinate residents with educational, vocational, drug/alcohol, and rehabilitation services in the community.
  • Assist residents in securing employment and provide job-readiness training.
  • Provide financial management and budget training.
  • Twenty-Four hour coverage.
  •  Provides a spiritual dimension based on the transforming power of God while being sensitive to the religious beliefs of all the residents.

Responsibilities of Residents (in addition to those mentioned in the video)

  • Active participation in Alcoholics and/or Narcotics Anonymous and  out patient treatment.
  • Full participation in the activities of the house.
  • Mandatory attendance at house meetings.
  • Be present at scheduled meals.
  • Assist in the  preparation of meals, as well as the upkeep of the house and property.
  • Remain alcohol/drug free (subject to random drug testing).
  • Follow the rules as outlined in the handbook as well as parole/probation.

Graduate Assistance Program

The income of most of our residents is close to the national poverty level.  Affordable housing, until their financial situation improves, is almost impossible; (some have stayed at Stephen’s Place up to three years.)

  • We addressed this problem by applying and receiving a grant from the The Fowler Family Trust.
  • We provide household items, using our special fund as well as community resources to help our graduates make a successful transition to independent living.
  • We provide rental assistance to those graduates who have been at Stephen’s Place for at least one year.

Occasionally we give some financial assistance to a resident who is pursuing a higher education.


Below you will find our brochure and handbook. Once you click on the link, you will be given the option to save the file to your computer.

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