Catholic Human Services Foundation Donation

Stephen’s Place is the proud recipient of a $10,727 grant from the Catholic Human Services Foundation in Pittstown New Jersey. Through the help of this foundation we will be making some greatly needed renovations to the house!

Sister Virginia holding the check from Catholic Human Services Foundation

        We are very excited to begin the installation of the new carpeting on the second and third floors of the home. These floors are where the residents live while they are here at Stephen’s Place moving through the program. The carpets are the originals that were installed when we moved in the house 24 years ago and were in need of being replaced. It is only through the kindness of organization’s like the Catholic Human Services that we are able to continue to do our work with men recovering from addiction.

        In addition to replacing the carpets these funds will be going towards the second project of replacing the damaged slate on the roof and putting in new gutters and drainage pipes. The slate on the main roof of the house will be replaced where needed and the roof on the back of the house will be replaced. This portion of the house is an extension made by the previous owners. The replacement of these areas of slate is needed in order to preserve the integrity of the main house and the extension portion as well.

        We are extremely grateful to receive this support from Catholic Human Services Foundation in Pittstown New Jersey so that we may continue in our effort to change and save lives by breaking the destructive cycle of addiction!