Volunteers Selling Raffle Tickets

Volunteer Services:


  •  Clerical tasks.
  •  Cooking and delivering meals.
  •  Overseeing the finances and preparing financial reports, etc.
  •  Assist in grant writing.
  •  Develop and update  the web-site.
  •  Play a major role in fund raising activities.
  •  Assisting in house projects especially on major holidays.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Sister Virginia Longcope at 610-861-7677.


Beyond Volunteering

Volunteering creates an impact on more than the residents at Stephen’s Place. Below is a excerpt from a college admissions letter from a former volunteer.

“Who ever thought a Missionary Sister of the Sacred Heart would have such an influence in a college students life?

Originally I was a Forensic Science major at Alvernia University in Reading, PA but by serendipity, my grandmother, a counselor joined the Board of Directors for Stephens Place and asked me to consider volunteering for the organization.  Stephen’s Place, located in Bethlehem, PA provides a home for non-violent male offenders with addiction problems run by Sister Virginia Longcope, a social justice advocate.  Sister Virginia hand picks 5 clients from Northampton and Lehigh County Correctional Facility to participate in the program based upon their willingness to change and desire to be productive members of society.  With a 73 0/0 success rate Stephen’s Place has been recognized on PBS and other entities.

This fateful decision, afforded me a transformational  opportunity to work  with this feisty, inspirational women.  Once a week I accompanied her during a  Therapy Group in Northampton County jail.  At first I observed her techniques and within a short time I felt competent with inmates.  Noticing my commitment the volunteer coordinator offered me an intership for the following summer………”

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